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All my Linux specific howtos

Folder Installing Fedora Linux via PXE (x86_64)
My howto on installing Fedora 8 via PXE/HTTP
Document Linux commandline tips and tricks
This is my (currently still small) but growing set of tips on Unix commandline tools.
Folder Installing my new server
These are the steps I took in installing my new 'home server' which serves the purposes of Firewall, Mail server some other thing I need in my LAN.
Document Doing PXE installations without control over the DHCP server.
In many cases there is a desire to do PXE based installations that can be managed by tools like cobbler and puppet. This page describes how this can be accomplished by using a combination of cobbler, dnsmasq and (optionally) puppet.
Document Installing Gitlab on CentOS 6
These are my notes on installing Gitlab on CentOS 6.3
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